How Weight Loss With Nutrisystem Helped My Career

My Journey With Nutrisystem

Hello my name is Romia and I’m a high school athlete. I know you’re here to know about the Nutrisystem promo codes but let me share with you my story first. I used to be the best athlete in high school. Running, swimming, races and long jump; you name it. I was the best in all of them. However, things went downhill since last year when I broke my ankle while playing basketball. I was severely injured and had to get bed rest 24/7 for three months. During that time, I felt a mix of emotions- I was disappointed at myself, depressed and regretful. Sports was my life and being away from it was like a punishment to me. To cover up these feelings I insisted on eating delicious foods and drinks. Hoarding food and doing no exercise- I was gaining so much weight that by the end of two months, the people that came to visit me couldn’t even recognize me. After three months when I finally recovered and walked myself to the weighing machine, I gasped. I weighed 196 pounds! I had such less stamina that even climbing the stairs was difficult for me. I was still drawn to fatty food though. I wondered about how I would ever get myself back to the sporty, active self that I was. After all, from what I had heard, weight loss wasn’t as easy as the weight gain process. I tried several weight loss classes, weight loss pills and even visited the gym a couple of times. But none of that worked for me. I felt ashamed of myself and my body, I no longer felt like an athlete. Thank Goodness for the Nutrisystem coupon I found in the newspaper though; it sure saved my life and my future career.


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Looking for coupons of Nutrisystem

After finding Nutrisystem coupons in the newspaper, I went online and searched for Nutrisystem on to see if they were beneficial at helping people lose weight. After all, it seemed that the online strategies they used were diet planning. They made it as simple as that. Furthermore, I even found a ton of useful Nutrisystem discount codes online. The food cost $10 per day, and with the discount codes I could get them at even up to $2 lesser. The offer seemed too unbelievable to resist. So I called up Nutrisystem customer service and told them about my problem. They were kind enough to help me plan out my diet and even helped me formulate an effective exercise routine that I would need as an athlete. I used to exercise a lot before, but I was still unsure of the types of exercise I would have to do to match this body type. The next day I received the food that Nutrisystem sent. It wasn’t magic; it was just simple wrapped pre-cooked food that I had to microwave for some time. They didn’t look bad at all and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Pizza, chicken, pasta-you name it. The food was flavorful, nutritious and was helping me lose weight. What a fantastic combo!

How about Nutrisystem shakes and bars?

I was also sent protein shakes and energy bars. I personally loved the taste of the latter one. I had tried tons of energy bars before, but nothing close to the one Nutrisystem sent to me. Nutrisystem told me that the key to losing weight was to plan in the right proportions, not to refrain from delicious cuisine. They helped me plan out the correct amount of I needed specific food items that I had to consume in a day. With the exercise, the full-proof diet plan and the pre-cooked food, I was losing weight as I had never even imagined. Within three months I had lost 56 pounds. I felt my stamina got better and I no longer felt ashamed to go outside and practice my running and swimming. I further continued with Nutrisystem’s diet plans. After all, the Nutrisystem coupon codes made the program seem so much more than just worthwhile. In comparison to other weight loss programs like Seattle Sutton, Nutrisystem makes everything so much simpler and more efficient. This is definitely the program I’ll be recommending to everyone.

As of now, I weigh a remarkable 121 pounds, and in the place of unneeded fat, I have strong-built muscles. Nutrisystem indeed lived up to their “lose 5 lbs. +1 inch off your waist in your first week or your money back” promise. I now have a different set of exercises to do- since my body type has completely transformed. I am back in school now and am working on strengthening my skills. A few people seem to have gotten better than me in the past few months, but I am not going to give up till I’ve become the best. Nutrisystem has given me this new sense of confidence and responsibility that I had never had before. Being at the bottom and returning to the top was the most difficult journey I’ve had in life but Nutrisystem thoroughly supported me in the journey. You should even search up Nutrisystem deals in the newspapers like I still do. They have so many offers and programs coming up every year. I would really advise you to check them out. I’m going to work harder than ever now, but I am also going to enjoy the foods in life a little more. Before Nutrisystem, I would have never thought of touching French fries during my athletics training, but Nutrisystem has taught me to allocate proper amounts of every type of food. But now the feelings of anger, anguish, disappointment, and sadness have been replaced my feelings of thankfulness, hope, happiness, and reassurance. I wouldn’t have become this person that I am had it not been for that one Nutrisystem promo code that I found on this web page. Maybe it was fate, who knows? But it has genuinely made me admire Nutrisystem and their efforts to help people get fit.